Shannon and Robert Hunt have over 40 collective years in the profession of education. Shannon has taught nearly 20 years as a high school English teacher and over 5 years as an adjunct professor at Kent State University. Robert taught 4 years as a middle school English teacher and has spent the rest of his career in administration with his most current role being a school superintendent.

Bob and shannon hunt

Their passion for education is not the only thing they share. They have four children with their youngest being the true educator of the family. Hawken, as a baby, taught his parents what life truly has to offer through a life threatening battle with cancer. After Hawk received remission status at the age of 1, Shannon and Robert vowed to make a difference and stop living ordinarily; thus, they committed to living a lifextraordinary.

Lifextraordinary is not only a web-based solution for people who are experiencing an extraordinary event, but it is also a commitment to a better life which was modeled through Hawken’s story. The Hunt Family strives for no child and family to suffer from the horrible disease of cancer. As a result, they started Lifextraordinary, a non-profit organization, to help families and to support pediatric cancer research.

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