Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a page?

It is easy as clicking on “create a page” on the Lifextrordinary home page. This will take you directly to the registration page and within 5 minutes you will have a customized web page.

Can someone else manage my page?

Absolutely. When you're creating an account, just indicate that your page is being created for someobdy else and enter their name. The page will then show up as "on behalf of" that person.

Do I have to use all the functions: fundraising, calendar, and blog?

No, it is strictly your choice. When designing your page, you will have the opportunity to choose only one or up to all three functions for your page.

What if I only want a fundraising page?

No problem. You will have to provide some general information for your users, but you may use only as a fundraising page.

Is my page public?

This is a decision by you during the set-up process. When you create a page, you will decide on whether to make your page private or public. If private, your page will be by invitation only. If public, anyone may find your page through a search and visit.

What is the breakdown of processing fees?

Lifextraordinary is similar to most large crowdfunding sites in terms of fee structure. There is a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee and a 5% platform fee. These fees are necessary to offset charges from credit card companies and the on-line processor as well as to maintain the website.

Can I add video to my journal entries?

YES. Not only can you upload or drag pictures into your entries, but you can capture monumental moments via video.

How does the calendar system work?

The owner / author of the page has the ability to enter needed tasks (meals, laundry, water flowers, transport children, grocery shopping, etc.). They select a specific date and time or range of dates and have the ability to type a description. Those following the site simply click on a task and sign up. They will receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the task.

If making a donation to a person or family, does all of the money go to designated person(s)?

All donations minus the platform and processing fees go directly to the intended individual or family. Those making the donation have the opportunity to offset all fees.

How do I know my account information is safe?

Lifextraordinary utilizes Stripe Connect to process all payments. This is an industry leading back end system for payment processing that provides the highest levels of security for our users. More information can be found at:

If I decide to donate to the Lifextraordinary foundation, where does the money go?

All donations made to the Lifextraordinary Foundation will go towards helping families, funding programs, and supporting research for pediatric cancer.

How do I get funds?

During set-up, users will establish a Stripe Account. Once this is complete, those that follow can make donations. Like any normal bank/card charge, it will take a day or two to completely settle (think “available” vs. “pending”). In general, assuming the user’s Stripe account is set-up, funds will be received between 3-5 days.

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