A Gift of Love

My mom, Carletta has suffered with stage 4 kidney disease for the past year. She's broken both of her feet because her kidneys aren't filtering properly. She suffers from gout and she has had frequent attacks of it throughout the year. She's had other multiple health issues related to her kidneys that have caused her pain and loss of work. Last year, her dear friend Jan from her bible study graciously offered to donate her kidney. My mom was eternally grateful for the offer. We found out that she was a prefect match through many tests. The surgery will take place on January 30th. My mom and Jan will be in the hospital for 3-7 days. We are trying to raise money for the medical...

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Hi Dana, how are you doing today? my name is Brad I want to support your project financially. get back to me on my email bradhulllove@gmail.com to receive the donation when you are available to receive it

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