At the End of my Rope Just Trying to hold on
At the End of my Rope Just Trying to hold on

At the End of my Rope Just Trying to hold on

My name is Renecia & I'm 44 yrs old. I have 3 kids who I raised as a single mom until 2013 when I married a middle school sweetheart & high school friend & became an Army wife.Unfortunately we could not work out our differences & our divorce was final Dec 19th(ironically the day after my birthday). I severe clinical depression, which means my body is resilient to anti-depressants. So I fight a battle everyday just to function as a "normal person" but sometimes circumstances causes it to feel worse at times. Well last summer it got too much for me to cope with & I tried to overdose. I spent 2 weeks in a psychiatric facility. A few days after I got out my husband informed me that he wanted a divorce as soon as possible. So I headed to Dallas with only 2 suitcases to try to start a new life. I got an apartment the 1st two days I was there & within a week I had a job. It was hard trying to start a new life when you have nothing, but you're bringing debt with you. It's like starting off already in the whole & all I did was work to get caught up so I could come up. I had just started being to be ok but then I got very sick, at the same time my car broke down, so because of this I lost my job. But even with my situation, I took in a young friend & his 3 yrd old son that he is now raising alone because he had no where to go & no one else to help him. And I still managed even though it was a struggle. But that became more than I could handle also because I could no longer pay my bills, & struggling to find a new job. And because of my circumstances I lost my apartment & have been living out of my car. I got another job but don't start until Aptil 9th. I also got approved for another apartment which I can't move in because I don't have the money to move in. It is very humiliating to have to live out of car & stil try to figure out how to keep going. So I am reaching out because I desperately need help so I can move into my new apartment. I need $1500 to move. I am humbling asking anyone to donate to help me with my situation . I get my alimony on the 1st. I am even willing to pay it back if necessary. So if you or anyone you know could help, I beg you to please help me. I will be forever grateful & indebted to each & every person who is wanting to donate to my cause. Thank you

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