Beck's Fight
Beck's Fight

Beck's Fight

My son Beckham Thompson was diagnosed with cancer on March 23, 2018. He had been complaining of “hip flexor” pain for some time but was thought to be a muscle strain. Beck is very athletic and involved in West Geauga high school’s football and wrestling teams. We took him to his primary care physician who ordered an x-ray. Before we arrived home from that appointment, the physician called with concerning results and informed us of a MRI appointment the following morning. An appointment with the oncologist following the MRI confirmed our worst fears: a large tumor was found on his pelvic bone. A needle biopsy was performed in the office but surgery for an excursion of the tumor will be scheduled...

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Still Fighting

August 11th, 2018

It has been quite a while since my last update.  Nothing but good news has come our way, by the...


Keeping Faith

May 03rd, 2018

I haven't updated this journal in quite a while and for that I apologize.  Life has been pretty busy.  Beck...


Day 1 of Chemo

April 02nd, 2018

Day 1 of chemo.  It has been confirmed that Beck has Ewing’s Sarcoma.  He has 14 cycles of chemo scheduled,...


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Tammy Rott on October 04th, 2019

Beautiful story I have hope that everything is going to be ok. God bless you. Please check out my story.


Allie Pettrey on April 26th, 2018

Hi. I'm very sorry to hear this. Our son just battled cancer for 3.5 years and finally in remission as of Dec 2017. We lived in Kirtland at the time (now Chardon). We know this path can be very challenging and everything happens so fast that it is hard to breath. Take minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, whatever you need. I know you probably have not had time to even think about make a wish etc, but there is a WONDERFUL local wish chaper, A Special Wish, Cleveland Chapter, that not only grants your child's wish at end of treatment, but during and even after treatment, they provide special "splashes of joy" as they call them which could be tickets to a Cavs game, Indians game, access to Dave and Busters before hours to avoid crowds due to no immune system, and many others as well as meal drop offs while in the hospital. I would love to refer your family to them if you happen to see this. I can be found on face book, Allie Pettrey or email at Thinking of your family! (We got treatment at Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Flagg and Dr. Hanna, currently as of Jan 2018 due to insurance we were forced to go to UH, but care has been wonderful there as well)


Shannon Beach on April 01st, 2018

I am so sorry your family is enduring this. I do not know you personally but know of your journey as my son too was diagnosed with cancer. Wrap yourself in the positivity that surrounds you with your family, friends, and community. You will come out of this so much stronger than you ever thought possible. Beck and your family is in our thoughts and prayers.


Madaline Avis on March 25th, 2018

We are so sorry to hear this! Beck is such a great young man. We are sending our thoughts and prayers during this time. The Avis Family

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