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I believe in love. i feel is that a wedding is very important in marriage. Also I feel that just because your funds are limited you should be able to make a memorial event without breaking the bank.Going to the justice of the peace should not be the only option in my opinion. I'm in search of wedding apparel to help bless someones special day. I have a wedding dress that has been sitting in closet for over 10 years. Chances are when my daughter decides to get married my dress will be out dated or maybe just not her style. I want someone to feel as amazing as I did when I started this journey in marriage. I'm wondering am I alone to feel...

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Good evening Myleea, how has your day been today? my name is Brad Hull. I just saw your post on liveextra.org today. I want to support you financially. kindly get back to me on my email bradhulllove@gmail.com to receive the donation when you are available for it. get back to me if you are still in need of financial help.

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