Birth of Ani & Quinn
Birth of Ani & Quinn

Birth of Ani & Quinn

Ashley and I knew we wanted to have a family and set out on that journey a few years ago. Many know we had been met with multiple losses and some other challenges along the way.

Enter the year 2020, yes we all have been touched by hardships throughout the past 9 months and they continue to shape our lives differently whether we like it or not. Our story has its ups and downs too but the focus here is on the ups!

We knew early in the year we were expecting, on visit to the doctors in February was were told we were having twins which caused a surge of tears, laughter and shock as we knew multiples were possible but seemed so unlikely!

As the pregnancy continued without loss we were elated and then found our twins would both be girls. We knew Quinn was going to be smaller than her sister Ani and nervously and excitedly anticipated each doctor appointment.

We knew the girls would come early but didn't know what would be in store for us. The MFN doctors were estimating we carry till 34 weeks minimum. In late August Ashley started getting nausea spells and what seemed like a resurgence of morning sickness throughout the days.

She grew more and more uncomfortable and frustrated she couldn't stomach many things. 1 day before she entered the 32nd week, we met with the MFN who said everything looked good barring the obvious that Quinn was little but signs indicated she had and continued to do well other than being below the 1 percentile for her size. We were left the appointment assuming we'll carry at least to week 34.

Shortly after that appointment but still the same day, Ashley felt worse than other recent nausea and sickness and called her OB. She was told to check her blood pressure and did, it was high. Her OB said go to the hospital to get looked at and they said she had preeclampsia and admitted her to monitor her and the babies.

That restless night with staff continuing to monitor everyone, they said we would deliver within the next 48 hours. Quinn's vitals showed she was struggling and early Friday morning at the start of week 32, we were told delivery would be that day. Very soon after was an update they were going to get Ashley in the OR withing minutes.

Fast forward about 1.5 hrs and delivery was done and everyone was stable and well.

It all came so quickly and earlier than we expected. Many preparations we're thankfully made but we did not get to stock up on frozen home meals or other easy items. Pair that with the fact that they came so soon means they'll need more time I. The NICU to be monitored closely and grow bigger and stable. Thankfully at the time of writing this, everyone is doing AMAZING! We still expect that it'll be weeks or longer before 1 or both girls come home and that means we'll be frequently visiting them in the NICU.

These twins are small but mighty and shouldn't be underestimated!

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Chris Arpajian on September 14th, 2020

Also a shout out to Jessica and Greg for the Uber Eats gift, Kaily and then the girls for the snack basket and Giant Eagle gift card, and the group from Falls Lenox for the Visa gift card! You all rock!


Chris Arpajian on September 14th, 2020

9/14/20 - Thank you to Bryan and Jen for the D'Italia, Aunty Lou for the homemade kebab, salad and soup, Michelle for the Mexican takeout from El Rodeo, Mistie for the pizza salad and desert from Angelinas, Ari for the yummy and filling Chipotle!

We are so thankful for all your help and support! Girls are doing wonderful and Chris is back to working remotely this week. No set date on when the girls come home but it could be soon for Ani and Quinn needs to add some weight still but overall they are very well.


Chris Arpajian on September 09th, 2020

9/9/20 - Thank you Mrs. A. for that awesome homemade veggie lasagna and garlic bread and to Aunty Mona for the Go Buddah delivered by mom!


Chris Arpajian on September 06th, 2020

9/6/20 - Thanks to Bartev and Kirstine for the feast of Aladdin's followed by Kaily and Chris for the Salad Kraze yesterday


Chris Arpajian on September 03rd, 2020

9/3/20 - Thanks Mike for the meal of Cozumel Mexican takeout!

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