Hazardous Waste Dump Burning in Bella Vista, Arkansas
Day 158


Day 158

January 03rd, 2019


Public health concerns still haven't been addressed. We were told by the Governor Asa Hutchinson that an emergency declaration would be coming out. We can only hope and pray that they will address public health concerns.

I am now on 3 inhalers and waiting for Pulmonologist appointment scheduled for May.

We have done more investigations into what is in the Dump burning at it appears to be asbestos based pipe and construction waste.

I have recieved some donations to purchase additional drone batteries which have been ordered.

Due to the bad air quality we are going to look at options of getting a Class A Motorhome if I can free up some funds from my retirement to make the purchase. But know our family cannot stay here much longer. The wind's were not in our favor for the past few days and the air purifiers we purchased can only handle so much.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 7.30.54 AM.png 293.13 KB

Thanks for anything you can give to help us out. 


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