Cancer fund
Cancer fund

Cancer fund

I’m sorry in advance for having to go to these extremes but desperate times call for desperate measures. I am posting this for my mom (Kimberly) and dad (Tommy), some call him Roadhog from his CB handle. My dad has been a 18 wheeler driver for majority of his life. He has worked very hard and some times to hard to support my mom and myself. Some examples of his work ethic include but are not limited to going without sleep for days just to make sure he could provide our family with the necessities of life and still be able to live comfortably. My mom has worked majority of her life as a waitress and was very good at what she did all while she was taking care of us as her kids. I can not speak on my brothers behalf but I am very thankful and blessed for what my parents have given up and sacrificed for me. Life has taken its toll on both of my parents. My mom has had two heart attacks and the last one (March 2019) has hit to hard for her to continue work. Our lives were still comfortable due to the sacrifices that my dad made to ensure our survival. Unfortunately my dad is no longer capable of handling this status due to recently finding out that he has been fighting Stage 3 Lung Cancer since December of 2019. It may be Stage 4 Lung Cancer but we are currently awaiting three more test which are CAT, PET, and MRI of his brain to be ran to confirm this. I am saying all of this to reach out and ask for help from whom ever would be willing to help. The help that we are asking for can come in any form and nothing is to small. My mom and dad have too much pride to ask for this help as I usually am but I am not able to help financially due to taking care of them at home fulltime. I was raised that if you need something you go out and get it but at this moment I am unable to do so. I am putting my pride aside for my parents and hoping that there is still some people out there that would be willing to help in these hard times. Without reaching out like this we are looking at losing our home and everything else. The Lord says that if you ask you shall receive in Jesus’ name and that is what we are hoping for. We are not trying to be greedy, just trying to survive in this money dependent world. Anything that could be spared would be greatly appreciated. Please share if you wouldn’t mind to see if there are others that wouldn’t mind helping with prayers or donations. Thank you in advance and again I am very sorry to ask in these hard times that we are all going through.

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