Dave Smart Stage 4 Colon Cancer
Dave Smart Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Dave Smart Stage 4 Colon Cancer

DAVE AT LACONIA I have created the page for my Good Friend Dave Smart.  He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  He started his ChemoTherapy on Wednesday the 12th, 2020.  This is his NEXT CHAPTER; in  his life, being FIGHTING CANCER. Dave is a wonderful person and never says no to anyone.  His heart is big and has a type of humor that is just him.  When I met him, I was going thru some hard times with love and life.  He was there for me helping me Live Life again.  We have been  Friend for over 20 years.  A good hearted person, I want to help him. His nickname is" Not So" and Smart being his last named, "Not So Smart" was borned.  Then...

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