Dwayne's Hope
Dwayne's Hope

Dwayne's Hope

This all began in 2014 when I was diagnose with stage 4a, Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma. My initial surgery was in August of 2014. In November of 2016, I landed in ER. It was revealed that I had a recurrent tumor and metastasis in my right lung. In July of 2017, my surgeon recommended for me to see a clinical trial doctor, due to the recurrent tumor occupying some bad real estate in my throat. Unfortunately, the clinical trial drugs available at that time, would not work due to a lack of a RET mutation. In January of 2018, there was a clinical trial drug that worked for my Non-RET mutation, and was scheduled to take this drug sometime in...

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Good evening Dwayne, how has your day been today? my name is Brad Hull. I just saw your post on liveextra.org today. I want to support you financially. kindly get back to me on my email bradhulllove@gmail.com to receive the donation when you are available for it. get back to me if you are still in need of financial help.

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