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My 3:30 wake up!
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June 14th, 2019

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After being disappointed that Emma would have to spend her birthday at the Cleveland Clinic, it ended up being a wonderful birthday! Every dr and nurse that is a part of her team and the Ronald McDonald House- all have emma birthday cards, presents, and made her day extra special! The entire pediatric oncology came into the operators during our visit to sing happy birthday and deliver special presents! The Ronald McDonald House decorated with flyers all over saying “happy birthday emma” and delivered a present to her! The other nurses and drs in MRI had a card and present for her too. She got very spoiled. 
After a couple days at the clinic and future testing— it was determined that Emma is CANCER FREE!! Woohoo!! The best news ever. This means that she will now go in 3-4 months then 6 months for monitoring only! No more anesthesia, MRI, pokes, or eye exams under anesthesia. She will have just regular eye exams and check ups as long  as no symptoms occur!! 
We are back home and going to be celebrating big tomorrow!!! 

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Patricia Batten on June 15th, 2019

Prayers work - never stop and what wonderful news for sweet little Emma!

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