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Slight setback
Thank you!
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MRI/ spinal tap/ eye exam
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Just waiting!
My 3:30 wake up!
My 3:30 wake up!
Recovery with Mommy


Slight setback

April 07th, 2019

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We had a small set back with the prosthetic eye. Emma’s eye was rotating (turning in the socket), I was having to fix it 2-3 times a day. So we had to make a trip back to the ocularist to have it fixed, but that means emma is without an eye again for about a week :( luckily she is in good spirits about it and keeps saying “fix it”. But I know waiting patiently for it to fix correctly will be worth it in the end!! 
We cannot thank you all enough for your love and support!!  

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Patricia Batten on April 07th, 2019

Keeping Emma and Jason and Jess in our prayers, always!

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