Funeral service
Funeral service

Funeral service

It saddens us to announce the untimely death of our beloved sister and friend Dyshelia Virgies. She was 32 years young. She was an honor student in high school who than went on to pursue a degree in the Culinary Arts. Shelia was also active member of Trenton High track and basketball team. Shelia brought laughter and excitement to everyone she encountered. There be a noticeable VOID in her absence. Sheilas death is not only emotionally devastating, but unfortunately she left her with no life insurance. We’re reaching out to her friends and family in the community for donations to help offset her final expenses. Memorial arrangements will will be provided soon

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Good evening Daryl, how has your day been today? my name is Brad Hull. I just saw your post on today. I want to support you financially. kindly get back to me on my email to receive the donation when you are available for it. get back to me if you are still in need of financial help.

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