Gabriel's heart surgery
Gabriel's heart surgery

Gabriel's heart surgery

This story is about my son's life. It starts back in 2001 when I was pregnant and was told Gabriel had VATERL SYNDROM and HE WAS GOING TO BE BORN AS A BLUE BABY. Gabriel is the baby of four children.

He was also born with tetralogy of fellot, horseshoe kidneys, hypoplastic thumb,esophageal fistula, scoliosis, gastro esophageal refux disease (GERD).

When he was born he was a miracle because he was able to breath room air. He was taken from me and placed in the NICU at Texas Children's hospital where he stayed for a total of Six months. While in the NICU he was seen by several specialist and I was told his esophagus was not attached to his stomach. He would have to have surgery to repair that. Also he was seen by a very special heart doctor who told me he has tetralogy of fellot and would need surgery to repair his heart because his pulmonary artery was constricted and was not letting enough blood flow to his lungs. My son was days old and here I am not knowing if my son was going to live. He was then placed on a waiting list for surgery. At three months old he got his first surgery to attach his esophagus to his stomach. My son was fed by feeding tube until he was a year old. His second surgery was at four months of age to repair his heart. The doctors worked on his tiny heart for 12 hours and he was sent to recovery afterwards. His doctor told me Gabriel needed a valve replacement, stints to open the artery and they had to reshape his cardiac Chambers for better blood flow threw his heart. He stayed in the hospital for another 60 days for rehabilitation and to make sure he was going to handle the recovery from both surgeries. We came home after six whole months of being in the hospital.

When we got home I went back to work and tried to live a normal life with a sick child and three more children. One day after being home for about a month Gabriel started to throw up blood and I started CPR because he was turning blue and was not breathing. My oldest daughter was seven and she dialed 911 and got the ambulance to come and help me. We got airlifted by the Kangaroo crew back to TCH where I was told that Gabriel had GERD. He needed emergency surgery to tighten his stomach and the doctors wrapped his intestines around his stomach to help him from throwing up. He was there for another two weeks to make sure he was going to do well. So he did well and we got to go back home. At 10 months of age Gabriel had his fourth surgery to repair his hypoplastic thumb. He wore a cast for 10 weeks to help with healing of his surgery. After that Gabriel went back several more times to get his esophagus dilated and for check ups. He did very well for several years and then when he got into middle school 7th grade he needed to be hospitalized again for internal bleeding. He was bleeding out from small blood vessels that would pop in his esophagus and caused him to almost die. He got threw that too. By now you would have to agree with me that this boy has been a miracle. He is a fighter. He has the strongest will to live of anyone I know. And recently he started having chest pains and we were told he was at the age already when he needed his valve replaced and maybe his stints as well. So now here we are going threw the same thing as we did all those years ago. He is the best and most sweetest child I know. He would do anything to help his fellow man. My son deserves a great life. He lives his life as normal as possible. He has a job but will not be working after his I am asking for a little bit of help from anyone who wants to help us out with our situation. I will be with my son threw everything and will NOT leave his side no matter what. All I am asking this for is because I know it's not going to be easy and we will need to be in Houston for at least a month. So if you can find it in your heart to help then thank you so very much. We are also having a blood drive April 16, 2019@the Cuero high school if you can't help financially. Thank you so very much in advance and God bless you and always be with you as he is always with us in our journey.

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Hi Veronica, how are you doing today? my name is Brad Hull. I want to support your project financially with $350 get back to me on my email to receive the donation when you are ready.

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