Growing facial hair for fallen first responders
Growing facial hair for fallen first responders

Growing facial hair for fallen first responders

My name is Owen Crews and I am a 16 year old in northwest Indiana and every day I hear at least one fire truck/ambulance/police siren a day and I am always filled with a sense of community pride that we have heroes who will put their life on the line to save others but one day I thought to myself, what happens when they don't come back? So one day I decided to create the grow a beard, grow hope initiative. The idea is that for every inch I grow I will raise 250 dollars ( 50% will be donated the National law enforcement officers memorial fund while the other will be donated to the first responders children foundation). But I am not made out of money sadly so I am turning to this site to hopefully raise money to help these families who need and frankly deserve our help! Thank you for visiting my page and god bless you! :)

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