Habitat For Humanity Poland
Habitat For Humanity Poland

Habitat For Humanity Poland

Hello and welcome to my page! For those who don't know a lot about me, my family and I were blessed with a Habitat house. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization that builds homes for low income families. When I was younger, my mom and I would go from house to house and we would live in some very dangerous conditions. Habitat has helped us have a forever home and I will always be grateful for them. Although my mom and I lived in some horrible conditions, those in other countries have it much worse than many low-income families in America. From June 28 to July 8, 2019, I will be traveling to Poland with Habitat for Humanity (Global Village). I will be apart of a team that will be helping a family with six kids. Agata and Miroslaw live with their children outside of Warsaw, Poland. They only live in half a house. They do not have a bathroom and only have a sink and oven in a cold hallway. These conditions that they are living in right now are extremely difficult especially with six kids. Habitat is working on remodeling the structure of their house. This could include some demolishing, adding on, clean up, etc. Could you imagine living in these conditions? Because Habitat for Humanity was so kind to my mother and I, I would love to serve and give back. This story really touched me and made me want to help. In order for me to help this family, I will need the funding to go. The trip itself costs $1,195 and airfare is $2,000. I am asking my friends to share my story and get the word out. If you can donate $5 or whatever amount that you can, it would be very much appreciated. If you are unable to donate, please please share my story. That is the next best thing. Thank you for any help that you can give! Together we can make a house into a home for this sweet family.

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