Have emergencies over vehicle and family matters.
Have emergencies over vehicle and family matters.

Have emergencies over vehicle and family matters.

Ok. This picture doesn't do justice for what we need but im doing the best I can. Yr seeing my son and our family at my son bobby Jrs soccer games. My name is Brooke Maley and i have an awesome family with my husband and myself and our son. I went to get my vehicle to go pick p my prescription and the transmission wld not move. I am asking for help to get my vehicle out of the shop so we don't lose everything. I have a.diagnosed lower back issues and cannot walk everywhere. We have a van payment we have to make and our income is just not enough yet. We are working on getting better income it just come slow. We are asking for van payment help and getting our vehicle out of the shop. We are needing help rt now and don't know what else to do. Please help we'd really appreciate and love it.

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