In need of emergency dental work
In need of emergency dental work

In need of emergency dental work

Hello, My name is Joseph and I am a father of two wonderful children that I raised on my own for most of there lives. I am just a normal guy who has had a very bad run of luck since 2007. I've learned that if you push aside issues, they can and will get far worse. I am in emergency need for dental/medical help. In 2007 through 2008 I suffered Leukemia and successfully overcame it in 2008 as it had been overcome and I've stayed in remission. Years later I did develop Diabetes and even with a change of diet and stronger vitamins I developed severe dry mouth. The combination of both left me with severely weakened teeth. Not only does...

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Richard Jacobs on November 22nd, 2018

I am very sorry to hear about your stories I would like you to text someone his name is Richard he always do a charity program and am sure he would want to help you the number is 6149166797

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