It Takes a Village


Man Plans; G-d Laughs

February 27th, 2019

So, the plan was several months (up to 6) of chemo and then an operation - one known as the Whipple Procedure. Well, as those close to my situation know, I haven't tolerated chemo very well. At my last meeting with my oncologist it was decided to put an end to chemo (for now) and move ahead with the surgery. 
I wasn't enjoying chemo, but I wasn't expecting that change.
My surgery is now slated for March 11. If all goes well (please keep me in your prayers) I'll be in the hospital about a week and then recuperating at home for another three weeks or so. 
I'm told the surgery should last roughly 7 hours -- the first half to cut the tumor and parts of other organs out and the rest of the time to sew the plumbing back together. 

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