Kimberly 4 year old Diabetic
The Night She Went To Memphis
Kimberly 4 year old Diabetic
The Night She Went To Memphis

Kimberly 4 year old Diabetic

This is Kimberly McNeece. She is only 4 years old. She had to be rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Booneville on March 21,2019. They ran all kinds of tests on her and found out that her blood sugar was 1500. They finally got her stable and then they had to airlift her to Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis. They got her there and got her on insulin and other medications that helped get her sugar down. They had to keep her in Memphis for 3 days. They sent her home afterwards on insulin. Her blood sugar has to be checked at least 4 times a day sometimes more. She is on at least 4 shots a day. Again, she is only 4 years old. She is having a very bad time. Her parents are having it rough cause they are having to buy certain foods for her along with glucose strips and insulin. Her insurance pays most of it but the parents are still having to pay for some of it out of their pockets. They are also having to carry her back and forth to the doctor in Tupelo at least 2 times a week and ever so often back to Memphis to Le Bonheur. Even though Kimberly still has problems with her sugar being high most of the time she still tries to get up and play with her brothers and sister. She is a fighter even though its rough on her. Kimberly has 2 brothers and a sister. The parents are having a very bad time right now. The dad is having health problems so he is not getting to work much and the mother is on disability. They really need help with getting groceries and stuff for the kids. They also need help with gas money to get back and forth to the doctors. I believe this family needs help if possible.

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