Kuni's PLAN A Foundation
Kuni's PLAN A Foundation

Kuni's PLAN A Foundation

Hi, my name is Alex Kniser, I'm an Albuquerque based Hip-Hop recording artist that goes by the name "Kuhhnizer" I've been writing and producing music for almost 10 years now and have been heavily involved in the New Mexico Hiphop community for about 5-6 years now as well, I feel like I could be the one to vouch just like many other artists when I say that music is truly the international language of the world and without it we are much more basic type of human in my opinion, Why?? Well, you see if you conduct an experiment on your own and ask out of 5 people if they love music majority of the time 5 out of 5 of those people will say "Yes", its in our nature to feel the energy that music gives off instantly and it can be addicting at times am I right?? Its the same way for anything artistically created by someone like art, crafts even imagination because thats the beginning step for potential success. Having the ability to create should be a given for all mankind!! To me, I wanted to start a CHANGE reaction if that makes sense, anyway, my goal in life is to CREATE CHANGE, I personally feel giving back is a huge way of playing your part in society. Which is why I have started a foundation called "Kuni's PLAN A Project" to raise awareness to help PROVIDE & MAINTAIN my contribution to all the young kids from K-12th grade at all Albuquerque Fine Arts Education programs, recently our wonderful city has taking some action and making it a priority that we keep Fine Arts in our public school by hiring more teachers as well as giving creative people jobs to teach, more classes wether it be visual art, audio, Art classes, band etc. the list goes on. I cant stress it enough when I mention how important education is for our future and especially developing a path for the future to potentially making a living or just unlimited amount of skills they would experience!! I vow that from here on out it will be my duty and honor that for every show, event, fundraiser etc. majority of ANY proceeds will be donated to my foundation to help kick start a difference!! PROVIDE AMD MAINTAIN benefits for the future of Albuquerque Fine Arts Education!! Thank you

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