Mom's Fight Against MS!!!
Mom's Fight Against MS!!!

Mom's Fight Against MS!!!

Hi! My name is Courtny Craggs and I am raising money for my warrior of a Mom. I had extra help before but my stepdad passed away in 2009. She has Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, a feeding tube, an ileostomy, colostomy, bed sores and is in constant pain all the time. She is bedridden now. She used to be a lot more independent than she is now but we are really working hard each day to get her somewhat back to normal. She has not been home for over a 6 years now and it just breaks my heart to not have her home with me. I miss her so very much and wish for her to come back home every single day. She has needed a lot of extra care and I’ve had to have her moved into a facility. I cry every single time I have to leave her from visiting. MS is such a horrible disease and effects each person so differently. My mom is my everything. She is my best friend and she is also my inspiration. She is my rock and she always brings me back to life. Despite being in the condition she is in, she has such a positive attitude and outlook on everything. She’s rarely ever negative. I really admire her for that! We want to prove the doctor's wrong! I want my mom to be able to come back home with me! We appreciate anything you are able to help us with! I just recently was able to move her to a better facility. She has horrible pressure sore wounds, so bad that she has had part of her tailbone was removed due to infections. The bed sores just will not budge and are not going away. She keeps having multiple procedures and surgeries to try and help with the healing process but it’s a very long process. She is in more pain and suffering than anyone should ever have to experience. She’s been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count. She’s had multiple infections. She’s had to fight MRSA multiple times. She is my warrior. She keeps a bright and happy smile on her face and she truly hides her pain and suffering so well. I love her more than words can even express. She’s my best friend! I will post updates as they come! Thank you so very much!

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