My life is falling apart, and I have no where to turn.
My life is falling apart, and I have no where to turn.

My life is falling apart, and I have no where to turn.

I needed to have surgery on my foot. After going to many doctors, and being told that there were minor issues with my foot, I finally found the right doctor who sent me for the right tests who found that my foot was so damaged internally that it needed to be rebuilt. I was told that I would need to be completely immobile for an indefinite period of time. I had no idea what I was going to do.

My husband, who I am estranged from now, was working 8 hours from home, and would be of no help to me. My children can barely help themselves let alone their mother. I knew, as always, I'd be on own. But then something happened that I thought would be a God send, but has ruined my life.

A family member who I had been close with when I was younger heard of my issue, and said she would come and help me. I was so grateful! And, she was a really big help. She took care of everything. Me, the house, bills, etc. So, when I went to have my foot looked at 3 months after the surgery, I was stunned to find out that the surgery failed, and would need to be repeated. So, I went through the whole process again, and prayed that that time would be the end of it, and I could move on.

My family member, who was so great through the first surgery, was changing. She was nervous, she had taken to answering my phones, and she just wasn't acting like she was when she got to my house. All of a sudden, she told me she had to leave. I was shocked! She said she herself had an issue come up that she had to take care of, so she really had to go. I couldn't keep her there, so I told her I wanted to pay her something for being there. She strongly declined it, and left. I found out very quickly why she declined.

She spent everything I had. I had pretty good credit, which she ruined by running up all of my credit cards. She wasn't at my home 24/7, and I found out that she was at casinos in the area. I am so stupid. I thought she was helping me. She never even paid a bill, and I had my electricity turned off, because I didn't know it wasn't paid.

I am in debt $40,000. I have no way to pay this, and I have no where to turn. And, after all of that, my foot still isn't right, and I need another surgery.

I am 55 years old, and never in my wildest dreams expected to be in a situation like this. My husband left me because of my stupidity, and letting this happen. And, now I am on disability and I receive $941 dollars a month. Barely enough to keep a roof over head. I desperately need help. Any help. All will go to my creditors.

Thank You for your Time and Consideration.

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Brad Hull on January 30th, 2020

Good evening Laura, how has your day been today? my name is Brad Hull. I just saw your post on today. I want to support you financially. kindly get back to me on my email to receive the donation when you are available for it. get back to me if you are still in need of financial help.

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