My life Struggles
My life Struggles

My life Struggles

My story is about how I hurt so many people throughout my life.

It begins with me at a young age not being taught the value of money. I was brought up spending recklessly, getting everything I wanted.

I married in 1968. The spending continued throughout this marriage which ended in 1983. That married produced 3 magnificent children. The 3 children and their mother were hurt throughout that marriage. Fortunately for the children their mother did a fantastic job raising them.

I married again in 1985. This marriage lasted until February, 2019. We are separated. I have hopes we will get back together. This lady is a fantastic person. She had stuck with me for a long time. It would be a blessing from GOD to have her back.

However, now I have an obligation to her to pay the recent debts I created.

Over the years I filed bankruptcy 4 times and cannot again.

Fortunately the amount is not huge

I am 71 years old and have only my Social Security which is not enough to pay normal living expenses and the old debts. My health is not the best. I am not able to work any longer.

I am asking financial help to retire these old debts and relieve my wife of this. She is disabled with arthritis and only has her Social Security, which is not much.

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

John Keith Bordelon

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