help for my family
help for my family

help for my family

I'm not sure where or when to begin and I'm not really sure what to put on here. so here goes.....

Life hasn't been easy at times for the last 15yrs. I lost my dad at 59yrs old outta nowhere in 2006. He got pneumonia again and the last time it took his life. The following year Our 8yr old daughter past away from a rare genetic blood disease. Five years later our 11 year old son past away from the same thing. Thank god that our 15yr old doesn't have it but is more than likely a carrier. If it hadn't been for my husband I would've completely fallen apart. He is their stepdad but the only dad they ever knew. It tore both of us apart but we managed.

This year has been a rough one. Covid really did a job on us that's for sure. We lost our place to live, then our jobs, and almost all of our personal belongings (had nowhere to take our stuff and had to toss most of it). Myself and my husband had full time jobs that we commuted 40 miles to and from.(before covid we were 20 minutes from work, afterward about an hour or just over if no traffic) But due to covid, we got laid off, when our now x boss found out we filed unemployment she sent us a notice demanding we return to work immediately, this was the beginning of may 2020. I had injured my back but went back to work anyway. My husband had a doctor note because he has bad asthma. I worked through the day hurting pretty bad (we worked at a full service car wash and detail center). When I returned to work the following day the boss met me at the door saying she had terminated me. (she never told him, messaged him or anything that he was fired, she told his brother that worked there also). I questioned why and she said "you didn't appear to wanna work yesterday" I told her the asst mgr knew my back was hurt but that I had done my job completely and timely. She rolled her eyes and walked away. She then called unemployment and told them she fired us which stopped the payments until they do a "fact finding investigation".....I am still waiting for that to be done.

In the mean time we haven't found jobs so we started mowing lawns, knocking doors. I mean gotta do something, can't just sit there and not even try. We have a now 15yr old son to support. I started making hand written cards that said we mow lawns, weedeat, trim bushes, yard clean up, power wash, fence repair, handyman services etc call or text anytime. I put cards in doors, mailboxes, yard sale sites on fb. Whatever I could think of. We have regulars plus random jobs which has helped us survive but scraping by. Sometimes the weather messes things up though, like now. Cant work when it's raining. We stay with my husband's parents trying to get back on our feet. We share a small bedroom with our son. I want to eventually but a trailer/mobile home so that we have our own place that we own but we can't afford to save money toward that because we're not even making enough to make ends meet most of the time. Our cell phone bill was due paid yesterday and tomorrow they will be disconnected until we can make the money to turn them back on. We pay half the lot rent here, part of the utilities, car insurance on our car (that needs repairs, the fuel pump is going bad, tires getting bald, a/c compressor needs to be replaced, the exhaust is messed up. hubby can fix it, we just can't afford the parts).

We're still looking for jobs but trying to survive financially till then with the lawn work. We really need financial help. I have a "supportful" fundraiser that has yielded nothing, I have cashapp, venmo, paypal, zelle….some of the yards we cut pay us with one of those, makes it easier for them. I really want to raise enough money to buy a trailer and to help us survive financially. But no matter what we do, something always falls through or nothing comes through at all. My son needs a laptop for the new school he has to be enrolled into. They said he needs to have his own that they can provide one temporarily with a $75 deposit...that I get the money back after it's returned when he has his own. I need to get him new clothes because he is growing out of everything so fast. We all need new shoes badly. There is just so much we need and cant afford. I have an amazon wishlist that has shoes, clothes, has needs and wants. the link is ….

We are trying to pull everything back together. We just want our lives back, to be back on our feet. If anyone is able or interested in helping my family it would truly be a blessing. I don't know if you would talk to me on here or how this works. But my email is If you are reading this, thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

$AngelMentzer cashapp

@Angel-Mentzer venmo

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