Paige's Path
Home Sweet Home
Lookin' Good
Paige's Path
Home Sweet Home
Lookin' Good

Paige's Path

Paige Hammond entered her sophomore year living the life of a normal teenage girl. She is an established cheerleader since the seventh grade and an amazing pitcher for her high school softball team. By the second week of school she fell ill. She went to her doctor who sent her away with an inhaler and told her she had a virus. Her mom and dad were persistent and pressed the doctors for answers and were turned away three different times. After the third time, during school, she realized that she couldn’t move her left arm; and as a result, she couldn’t write with her left hand either. She left school and her mom decided that she needed to be seen by a doctor. After...

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

December 15th, 2017

This past week has been a lot. Paige was admitted into the hospital on Thursday December 7 around 10:30 am....



October 29th, 2017

Paige is home. Finally. Paige spent 8 days in the hospital. Though she was discharged, she still has a very...

Lookin' Good

Lookin' Good

October 25th, 2017

Paige looked great today. She was acting like her normal bubbly self. I walked into the room and it looked...


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Cory Dodson McNamara on December 15th, 2017

I will be praying for you and your family. The Chagrin community is strong and supporting you every step of the way.❤️
Mrs McNamara


Robert Hunt on December 15th, 2017

We are all praying for you Paige! You are a strong young lady. Best wishes from the Hunt family.


Valerie Revell-Rosian on December 11th, 2017

Paige, I am so honored to have had the opportunity to meet such an amazing young lady such as yourself, I'm only sorry its under these circumstances. You always smile and have such a radiant personality through all of this, you are the embodiment of a hero for many. You are so very blessed to have the support team that you have, your Mom is amazing and I have enjoyed our many conversations. I know this has been extremely hard on you and your family, I just want you to know that although I don't know exactly what your going through, I can relate to being stuck in the hospital and the pains that come with that, I'm here if you or your Mom ever need to talk. In the mean time.... Shine on baby girl, Shine on, and let the world see what your made of!!


Diane Trivison on October 24th, 2017

i right now am broke but hopefully can send a donation in a couple weeks but i can help in other ways..if you have pets need carring for help with her cleaning cooking anything please just let me know. i am so so very sorry she is going tbru this..i will help however i can please let me know anything i can do for you and yoyr family.. god bless and miracles do happen:) she is in my prayers:)


Vicky Pelsozy on October 22nd, 2017

Hi Paige! I am thinking of you! That sweet,smiling little first grader is still in my mind! ❤️


Anne Wetherbee on October 22nd, 2017

Hi Paige,
Stay Strong!
I graduated from Chagrin Falls High School in 2012.
I had MoyaMoya Disease when I was five years old.
I had to relearn how to do everything: write, read and ride a bike.
But I did and now I have graduated college with a special education degree and am an ABA therapist who works with kids with autism.
The things that got me through that difficult time were my friends, family, lots of movies and lots of chocolate. Yum.
Sometimes we need to laugh at what we can't do and always celebrate the small things.
I know how you are feeling right now and it sucks, but think of all the things you can do and all the lives you are impacting.
Not because of your hospital stay, but because of the person you are.
I'm praying for you.
If you ever need to chat or have a listening ear, I'm here.

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