Please help support a Veteran going to a mental health and PTSD program through the VA

Hello, My name is Peter and I am a U.S. Army Veteran that has struggled with mental health since my discharge from the military... As a result of my mental health challenges and a recent divorce I had become homless for about a year but was able to find resources through the VA to get my own apartment again in Washington DC. I have struggled with work due to my commitments at the VA Hospital in DC, working with my psychiatrists and psycologists to find the proper medications and couseling needed to become a productive and content member of society again. As part of this, I have been hospitalized a number of times and am currently hospitalized at the DC VA Hospital and am awaiting transfer to a mental health and PTSD program in Martinsburg WV. I currently have no financial support and need assistance to get me through my time in the hospital and during my stay at the Martinsburg VA. I currently do not have a cell phone or computer as well and these things would greatly help me to get back on my feet. I also will need to supplement all that the VA does not supply. Thank you!

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