Starting over after the CampFire
Starting over after the CampFire

Starting over after the CampFire

On November 8,2018 my family and I had to evacuate our home. We had just enough time to get our dog and 2 of our 3 cats. One of our cats was able to run past my husband through the front door. Sadly we had to leave him behind, because the sound of propane tanks exploding was getting closer to us. We were lucky & reunited with him 2 1/2 months later. We were only able to grab a few articles of clothing each. We have relocated and my husband and I are still trying to obtain employment. We both lost our jobs due to the fire. We did not get rich with an insurance payout like some people think about the CampFire victims. We have found a place to live & have been living off of what we did receive and it has run out. I worked as a nail tech, so no unemployment for me. My husband's unemployment only covers the roof over our heads & the basics like water, electric and garbage. We do not have cable & only have the basic wifi. We do not have unnecessary expenses. We are receiving food stamps but have not been given any financial assistance due to the high volume of people requesting assistance.

I have never asked for help and I feel very ashamed that I must do so. It makes me feel like I am failing my children, but I am doing this for them. I have always been the one helping others. I plan on paying it forward once I am completely back on my feet.

My two children need clothes desperately. I need to get them clothes & shoes appropriate for hot weather and clothes for when they go back to school after summer break. I haven't been able to get donations for CampFire victims, because we are no longer close to that area. My daughter's Birthday is in August & I would like to be able to buy her some toys, She will be 8. My son just had his 15th birthday in March & I wasn't able to give him much. I'd like to buy him a new bike, like he lost in the fire. I appreciate any help I may receive and it will greatly help my kids. Thank you for reading my story.

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