The Fighting Bean Fights Again
The Fighting Bean Fights Again

The Fighting Bean Fights Again

Elinor "Ellie" Washington was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in her right ear canal on 05/01/15 at the age of 17 months old. She underwent 43 weeks of chemotherapy in Charleston, WV and 7 brachytherapy radiation treatments in NYC. She was declared in remission on 02/01/16. Ellie remained in remission for 2 years. A couple days before her four month scans, she couldn’t open her eye. On June 11, 2018, doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital determined she had relapsed. Ellie has started her 54 week chemotherapy plan. This includes 6 weeks of proton therapy radiation. The chemotherapy is more intense this time. Ellie's fight has began again. Jessica (Mom) stays at home and was teaching part time at a preschool, as Ellie requires therapy and many doctor visits....

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