The Misunderstood Sanctuary
The Misunderstood Sanctuary

The Misunderstood Sanctuary

I am a person who is tired of seeing animals persecuted for what they were born as. These animals are misunderstood and include cats, kittens, pitbulls, rotts, and shepherd breeds. Misunderstood Sanctuary is to be a no kill sanctuary for these animals. I am wanting to raise funds to purchase 50 acres in Granbury, TX for these animals to be able to live without society telling them that they are not worth while. Once I can get the property for these animals to have room to live, play, and be safe as long as they live. First is getting the property, second will be getting the building for the dogs and a building for cats and kittens constructed. Once the major things are done, we will...

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Catherine Hooten on September 29th, 2018

I know that it seems like a big task because I'm asking for so much, but in all reality, this is the only big amount that I'm asking for. since it is for the property to set up the sanctuary..However, to find 50 acres in Granbury for under 1 million is amazing! Once we have the property it will pretty much be smooth sailing in getting things set up.
I want this sanctuary to be a place for the dogs to have a safe place to live away from lots of people. I want Misunderstood Sanctuary to be a safe haven, not just for dogs, but for people who need a place to get away from the stress of the day. Anything will be helpful in this. I want vets to be able to come and not just see the animals, but to see if they can get along with any of the dogs. I want to show people that animals are very helpful in getting someone to feel better. If anyone wants to come out and just play with the animals, then we can see how the animals react to the people who come out.
ANYTHING can help! even just $1. Anything and everything will help towards the major first step of showing that there are people out in the world that love animals as much as I do. Please, show your love with helping me to get the property to get Misunderstood Sanctuary truly started.

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